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About Shopereum

The main idea is to build an e-shop / eCommerce site that sells products and accept fiat and crypto payments. The objective is to make the site a shopping place for everyone, so it accepts the most common crypto currencies (BTC, LTC, ETH, XRP, USDT, ….), besides the project token SHOP2, as well as fiat payment. We offer a 5% discount for the customers who pay with SHOP2 token. This would increase the demand of the trade for SHOP2 token. The project will be launched on (Aug, 2020) and will scale up in the second stage to allow users to be a seller or a buyer. This would make our shop in the top shopping sites in the world that accept crypto currencies and fiat payments. By combining blockchain technology, modern marketing technologies and Artificial Intelligent (AI) to optimize digital transactions and in digital marketing, we can make this project a reality. we bring cryptocurrency to eCommerce world.


Shopereum token platform very advanced cryptocurrency on blockchain network.


Shopereum provide very secure system and very strong security for investors.


Shopereum is payment system between buyers and sellers and you can use it as same as fiat.


Despite the huge advancement in blockchain technology and its advantages for P2P transactions without intermediaries, there is still a gap between the adoption of cryptocurrencies in many services and in eCommerce. But this is changing as the global non-cash payment translations volume grew up to 12% in the year 2018 and the number is increasing1. e-wallet transactions volume is estimated to be 8.6% of the non-cash transactions2. However, Real-Time Payment (RTP) and Digital Ledger Technology (DLT) the blockchain face many challenges in terms of regulations, adoption, interoperability, and scalability. The Main interest is in cryptocurrencies is focused on holding crypto currencies, trading and exchanging. The use of crypto currencies in shopping, traveling, online payment is still limited. Online shopping is one of the services that still do not adopt crypto currencies in global shopping sites such as Amazon, eBay, and AliExpress. There are few attempts to bridge this gap such as shop2coin and Moon, but these attempts are not enough, and still limited.

Shopereum Model

The Shopereum model is depicted in the figure. Shopereum employs recent advanced in AI and digital marketing to provide a smart user experience and personalized content. Shopereum will leverage data from the customer's behavior and the suppliers to recommend top rated products that best match with the customer's needs. Shopereum will collect and present products in a user-friendly manner so that the user can enjoy a shopping experience that leave a lasting impression. Similar to any popular shopping site, the user will view and add items of interest to the shopping cart. When the customer proceeds to checkout, Shopereum will offer payment using crypto-currency or cash. The customer will be offered to pay by using any of the popular crypto-currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. To encourage SHOP2 trading, customers will be offered 5% discount if they pay in SHOP2. Customers will pay the crypto payments processing invoices at a locked-in exchange rate. Once the payment order is initiated, Shopereum should will start processing the payment and buying the products. First, crypto-payments will be handled by a crypto-payment gateway that will convert to the traditional currency of the supplier (USD, Euro, etc).

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Token Distribution

Administration, Fixed Assets and Rentals
Marketing, Ads, Conferences, Workshops ... etc.
Website and Mobile Apps Developing
Founders and Advisors
Financial Liquidity for Goods Purchasing



We bring traffic to our site using modern marking that is based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) that analysis customer profile and customer needs and search keywords, and data from other sources such as Twitter and Facebook. Bringing traffic to the site is one of the keys to our success, that is why it is important to use AI and to consult digital marketing experts to achieve our objective. To accept fiat and crypto currency, a payment gateway will be made to allow people to use the payment method that is suitable for them. Combining these technologies; blockchain, digital marketing, and AI is a key success to Shopereum project.